COVID-19 kind of put a hitch in getting all the wonderful players that were instrumental in "Sadie" back together for a band photo. In lieu, here are all the players, hanging in self-isolation. 

Doug Strahan

Doug Strahan: guitar, vocals

Dave Wesselowski

Dave Wesselowski: bass, vocals, co-producer

Michael Lefkkowtiz

Michael Lefkowitz: Drums, percussions Note: photo taken when Houston rodeo was canceled d/t COVID19.

Jonathan Grossman

Jonathan Grossman: Keys

Beth Chrisman

Beth Chrisman: fiddle, vocals

Dave Leroy Biller

Dave Leroy Biller: guitar

James Stevens

James Stevens: engineer

Nate Fleming

Nate Fleming: pedal steel





Moving south from Illinois for warmer weather and a barroom education of country picking was, according to Doug, among a plethora of bad choices, one of the best decisions he's made in his adult life.

After 13 years of playing lead guitar in various bands, as well as recording and co-­leading Austin's strangest boogie-doom­-beast, Chili Cold Blood and cosmic country purveyors of funky ­tonk, The Moonhangers, Doug released his debut solo album entitled “Coal Black Dreams, Late Night Schemes.” As much a stew pot of roots music as CCB and MH's previous albums, the solo record eases on in the direction of Blue-­Eyed Soul but finds home on the bar stool of the Dew Drop Inn, The Horse Shoe Lounge, your neighborhood watering hole. It was a different direction for Strahan, much to do with his time playing and writing with The Memphis Strange, but the Gary Stewart­-esque vibrato remains.

In 2015, he and Good Neighbors released the sophomore, self-titled album, Strahan & The Good Neighbors. It's country funk at it's finest, with touches of Little Feat, JJ Cale, and The Allman Bros.

November 22, 2017, Doug released his second studio album with The Good Neighbors, Twilight Drifter

Jonathan Grossman

Jonathan Grossman: Keys